Saturday, 22 December 2012

Small World

Though born and bred in Belfast,
You didn't feel at home,
This island really is quite small
When there's a world to roam.

And so you joined the army,
The Fifth R.E.D.G.
And very soon you said to us
"This life, it is for me".

A regiment so 'fancy'
With 'fancy name' alas,
The way that you described it was
"It has 'A lot of class' ".

You married your beloved,
Together, you shared joy,
You had a "gentleman's family"
A girl and then a boy.

O'er twenty years of service,
You travelled far and near,
And now you'll settle in a place
That to your heart, is dear.

So Ted and June, we'll miss you,
But ere we start to cry,
The world is really very small,
We'll see you by and by.

So as you start your packiing,
'Twill be a great relief
When eventually you settle down
In sun kissed Tenerife.